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Make Sure Your Record Checks Out

Know what’s on your record. Be sure minor violations, unpaid parking tickets, or notices you never received due to a move have not escalated to flagging job applications and impeding your goals.

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Protect Your Family & Children!

Scope out a new neighbor, babysitter, teacher, or parents of your kids’ friends. Look into your teen’s boyfriend or coach. Uncover if someone is a registered sex offender, or has a history of violence or substance abuse.

icon for warrant search to prevent online dating fraud
Avoid Dating Risk and Fraud!

Check out that online date before meeting a stranger. In new relationships, know if the person you’re dating has anything to hide. Be sure you can trust them and they are who - and how old - they claim to be.

icon of warrant search of co-workers boss and business partners and deals
Protect Your Work and Livelihood!

Avoid stressful workplaces and business scams. Before closing a deal online or partnering with someone new, be sure they have a clean, honest record. Also search co-workers or your boss. Find out if they have a sexual harassment charge, or other arrest.

Protect What Matters. Get Critical Information You Need - Fast!

The WarrantCheck Difference

The trusted and accurate source for warrant searches

  • Designed by an award-winning criminal defense lawyer who knows the ins & outs of the warrant process.
  • We know the best sources. We look through all the back channels other companies don't.
  • Confidential searches. We don't involve middle men. We run the checks.
  • Your Privacy is essential. We don't give away your private information.
  • Thorough searches. We don't consult just one source. We know how a warrant is generated and consult many agencies and sources.