Why WarrantCheck

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Accuracy and Experience You Can Trust

WarrantCheck was started by an award-winning criminal defense trial attorney with over 20 years of legal industry experience. This criminal defense law firm has searched and found thousands of warrants over the years where others were unable to do so. This firm is now bringing its unique talent to the public by offering a non-law firm service for just pennies on the dollar compared to what you’d have to pay a lawyer to find the same information.

Why WarrantCheck is the trusted website to find a warrant

Don't entrust your warrant search to just anyone. Ensure the search is thorough, accurate, and respects your privacy along the way. WarrantCheck is the trusted and accurate source for warrant searches, so you can get the critical information you need, while gaining peace of mind.

When conducting your private, online search, customers appreciate these benefits which describe how WarrantCheck is uniquely and expertly qualified to handle your search:

Designed by an award-winning criminal defense lawyer who knows the ins & outs of the bench and arrest warrant process.

We know the best sources. We look through all the back channels other companies don't.

Confidential searches. We don't involve middle men. We run the checks.

Your Privacy is essential. We don't give away your private information.

Your Privacy is essential. We don't give away your private information.

Thorough searches. We don't consult just one source. We know how a warrant is generated and consult many agencies and sources.

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